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It has been a long journey and RaiseYourHafiz has been on my wishlist for a long time finally I was able to launch my website/business with the help of Sawat Marketing – Sister

Raise Your Hafiz

Guidance is only given by Allah S.W.T and this guidance can only be found with a connection to the Qur’aan. This is what Raise your Hafiz offers a guide into memorising and enjoying the Qur’aan in our lives. We all seek for light in our lives however this light can only be found when you truly have a connection to the holy book, we at Raise Your Hafiz want to be part of your special journey into finding this eternal light and motivating you to the finishing line.



Our website design has helped Northwest Breakdown Recovery expand its business and helped them reach out to a wider audience.

Sawat brings to life the values and practices of the company. We crafted the logo with softened, customized letterforms to symbolize the kindness impact they make in the industry. We used a variety of different shapes and sizes to illustrate inclusivity and speak to the diverse ethnicities, body types, and backgrounds of their shoppers. After that we curated a fresh and modern colour palette that was fashion forward but would last through the seasons. Hand painted brush strokes and swashes were created to bring in a human touch. Lastly, a bespoke handwritten typeface was used to deliver the voice of the brand injecting encouraging yet cheeky moments of kindness throughout the customer’s shopping journey. Down to earth photography, beautiful textured paper, and warm woods further amplified the warmth in the art direction and presented the brand as premium and high-end, yet kind and approachable.


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