Everything You Need To Know About Threads

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Everything you need to know about threads
The social media world is in turmoil after Meta announced it would be releasing a new app aimed at competing with Twitter.

Officially called Threads, the new app is conversion-based, allowing users to post text-based apps (like Twitter) that other users can like and comment on. Twitter users are already encouraged to migrate to the app, as Meta is pushing his Twitter celebrity to give it early access. The onboarding guide reportedly encourages users to post twice a day to start building a community on the app.

Are threads the same as Twitter?

The main difference between Twitter and Threads is that the new app is a meta platform, so it can link to Instagram. This is a great advantage when setting up your app, as you can log in with your Instagram account, access your follower list and find people in your threads.

The app hasn’t been released yet, but it’s unclear to what extent Meta will allow users to integrate the platform. However, this does not exclude users from being able to share thread content and profiles on Instagram to increase engagement.

What does this mean for Twitter?

 A thread dubbed the “Twitter killer” could pose a real threat, especially now that Elon Musk’s domination of Twitter has done some damage to app loyalty. And if there’s one person who can stand up to Twitter giants, it’s Meta.
Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, saw an opportunity to grab more of the social media market (they already own Instagram and Facebook) by hijacking Twitter in a moment of weakness.
But what does this mean for Twitter? While the Twitter Challenger app is certainly a threat, he is skeptical that there will be a mass migration of Twitter users any time soon. Aside from possible complaints about Twitter’s development, there is nothing to encourage users to switch.

Will threads be free for users?

Similar to Facebook and Instagram, threads are free to download. However, it will likely offer the same verification options that Facebook and Instagram launched in May, requiring users to pay for meta-verification.
He costs £9.99 a month if you buy on their website, or £11.99 if you authenticate directly in the iOS or Android app, as Apple and Google have cut app payments. This confirms your identity and promises “proactive account monitoring” for duplicate accounts impersonating you. This is a model similar to the controversial Blue Sub on Twitter, but it has received less attention on the Instagram platform.

When will the app be released?

His Twitter replacement service on Meta is scheduled to launch on July 6th, 2023 (along with this great blog). A preview page for the iPhone app has already appeared on Apple’s App Store, and a user saw a teaser on his Instagram. The UK will be able to access the app, but EU member states will have to wait due to privacy restrictions.

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